Codit Integration Summit

Microsoft IoT Central

a silver bullet for IoT? 

Tuesday 27 February, 14:00 CET

Microsoft IoT Central


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    A summary of the topics we will address:

    • SaaS vs PaaS
    • IoT solutions in Microsoft Azure
    • What is IoT Central
    • IoT Central demo
    • Takeaways & conclusion
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The recently launched Microsoft IoT Central is a fully managed IoT SaaS solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor and manage your IoT assets at scale. It dramatically lowers the barriers of entry for companies looking to revolutionize their business with IoT.

We know there’s more than one approach when building an IoT Solution with the Microsoft Azure platform. With the recent arrival of Microsoft IoT Central, it’s important to determine whether you need a PaaS or SaaS offering.

In this webinar, Glenn Colpaert, Codit Azure/IoT Domain Lead and Microsoft Azure MVP, will guide you through the different offerings of the Azure platform and show you the capabilities of this new solution – Microsoft IoT Central.

Practical Info

• Date: Tuesday 27 February 2018
• Timing: From 14:00 CET until 14:40 CET
• Language: English
• Participation: free, but you need to register to join

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  • Glenn Colpaert

    Your host for this webinar

    Glenn Colpaert

    Glenn Colpaert is Azure/IoT Domain Lead at Codit and Microsoft Azure MVP. He has been integrating businesses with BizTalk & Microsoft technologies for more than 8 years and was involved in many EAI and B2B projects - both on-premises and hybrid (cloud). As a real community guy and board member of (Belgian BizTalk User Group), he loves sharing his hands-on experience. Glenn is also part of the Microsoft Azure Advisors group and writes a lot of blogs and tweets.